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Leah Luv and Sarah Jay vs Trina Michaels and Jackie Moore

Thursday, March 31st, 2016
This is a big cock sucking orgy where there are clear winners and losers. Leah Luv and Sarah Jay gang up on Trina Michaels and Jackie Moore for a battle of mouths. As soon as the bell rings, all four girls start sucking cocks feverishly. They want their men to finish first so they can be crowned the cock sucking champion. The heat is on!

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Schooled in Creampie Tasting

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016
Randy had his wife Susie meet him over at Dirty Ds for a surprise slut wife training session. Susie is a good slut at home but Randy wants her to take it to the next level and fuck all of his friends. Dirty D inspects the student body oiling up Susies big tits. Dirty D tests her oral skills and how well she can take a deep dicking. Randy cheers Susie on while Dirty D trains her. For the final exam Susie tastes a fresh creampie from her pussy.

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Husband Listens In On Wifes Slut Training

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016
Brian sent his wife Anastasia to Dirty D to prep her for being a slut with his friends. After an introduction to Dirty D Anastasia calls her husband Brian so he can listen in on her lessons. Dirty D reviews the student body and finds Anastasia can put her ankles behind her ears. Dirty D continues with an oral exam. Dirty D tests her pussy & for a final exam Dirty D gives Anastasia a big facial. Dirty D sends her back home for sloppy seconds.

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Redhead Blowing Her Boyfriend On the couch

Monday, March 28th, 2016
Redhead slut gets down on her knees and sucks off her boyfriend cock On the couch.

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Masquerade Party Gang Bang

Sunday, March 27th, 2016
So me and da boys is chillin at the masquerade party when we notice our boy Tyler done up and disappeared on us. We went searchin for his ass and found him up on the motherfuckin roof of the building with his dick in this fly ass white bitches mouth. Damn man this fool didnt even let us get the motherfuckin camera out first and shit. Well that didnt stop us we had one of the homies run down to the car and grab that shit. This ho had it goin on too! Perfect round ass titties and ass that dont quit. Found out the bitches name was Bianca and let me tell you Bianca is about to get that pussy tore up by the homies thats for damn sure. We started rollin the film and in a quick minute Tyler had Bianca bent over the motherfuckin railing of the building and shoved his dick deep into that tight ass pussy. I was like OH Hell No I knew right then this bitch was freak and that me and all the homies was about to tear that pussy up fo sho. Sure enough we took turns tappin dat ass and then all of a sudden this other fine ass white bitch shows up and starts lickin Biancas pussy an shit. Bianca sucked the cum outta me and the crew and then shared that shit with the other fine ass ho too. This was definitely a party we was glad we came to.

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Transexual gets fucked by her guy in woods

Saturday, March 26th, 2016
Married men often have to think up schemes when it comes to cheating particularyl if the rendezvous is with a transsexual. Heres a lovely specimen that is totally okay with fucking outside. Shes horny enough for this guy that shell take a piece of that cock any where she can.

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Blonde Blowing Boyfriends Cock Outside

Friday, March 25th, 2016
Naked blonde babe Boroka Bolls blowing her boyfriends cock outside.

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Slut Wife Eating Two Hot Cum Loads

Thursday, March 24th, 2016
Mark sends his wife Donna to Dirty D for some slut training. Mark has sent Donna out on the prowl before to pick up guys and fuck them. Donna comes home to Mark telling him all of the dirty details. Now Mark is finally going to get to actually watch his wife being fucked by more than one man. Dirty D invites his buddy Graphic Dude over to double team Donna. Dirty D starts off Donnas slut wife training by assessing her oral skills. Dirty D quickly move on to tagging Donnas shaved pussy. Dirty D tell his buddy to jump in to tag team Donna. Dirty D and Graphic Dude trade off between using Donnas hot mouth and wet pussy. Dirty D blows his cum load on Donnas pussy ass and all over her back. Dirty D uses a spoon to scoop up his cum and feeds it to Donna. Graphic Dude shoots his semen in Donnas mouth and on her lips. Donna heads home still sticky with cum to give her hubby some sloppy seconds.

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Tranny Getting Fucked by a Fit Stud in Woods

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016
This tranny is tall and thin with a nice rack and an even better ass. She is in the woods with her boyfriend of the week getting down and dirty as usual. This tranny is totally insatiable just how we like them. Her man bends her over leans against a tree and starts pumping furiously.

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Lusty Latina Sucking and Screwing

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016
See This Lusty Latina as she Gets Down on Her knees and Suck a dick.

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